A synthesis of modern and traditional Knowledge of Sound and Music and its therapeutic, cathartic, educational, psychological and aesthetic effects on the human being.

Daniel Levy, the world renowned pianist and director/co-founder of the International Academy of Euphony, developed the educational method of Euphony in 1982, using music as a tool to understanding the Art of Listening.

It is a discipline (Science-Art) that integrates and highlights the Sonic origin of Life, both in the global and psycho-physical levels of the human being, expressing itself through Speech (articulated sound) and Music, significant tools of a Language capable of educating and promoting a catharsis of self-realisation and harmonic human relations.

From the Knowledge of ancient musical cosmologies (Indian, Chinese, Greek and other world traditions) and its journey from the Renaissance to the present day - where quantum physics rediscovers the vibrational tissue that the world is composed of – are derived a series of practices and coherent experiences that educe how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual organism is a true Ear, able to sense the audible and inaudible, and at the same time transmit harmonic resonances.

Deeply listening to music opens up new avenues of research I’d never even dreamed of. Because of what you’ve shown me this afternoon – not just what you’ve said, but what I have actually felt and experienced – I feel from now on music should be an essential part of every analysis. This reaches the deep archetypal material that we can only sometimes reach in our analytical work with patients. This is most remarkable. 



The education in the Science-Art of Euphony implements a pedagogical method made up of models, modules and harmonic structures of learning (maieutics), that allow us to discover the sense and meaning of Music as an energetic and vital network, whose language is a substrate of experiences, perceptions, knowledge and intuitions.




Every euphonic experience is complete in itself and contains a harmonic quantity of knowledge. From the point of view of attention, the patterns of interior listening constitute synthetic experiences in which science, beauty and poetry coexist as cognitive doors. It is from experience that the most important theories, doctrines and methods of fulfilment arise.

A movement, the action of breathing followed by a fluid concentration, a vibrating sound in space, can give us joy and long-lasting well-being, while consciousness increases and expands.

The sensorial point of departure helps us to acquire greater familiarity with a complete world such as the one of Sound, but the effects do not cease with auditive perception. Every sound is like the sheath of a seed, and the harmonics represent the content, full of potential life.

The true meaning of Life cannot be verbalised, because it does not belong to the sphere of articulated language. In some way, the usefulness of the word resides more in the intention and in the lived experience rather than in the mere pronounced sound. The reason behind it is an essential factor in human communication. This way the experience becomes transmittable even if, in the meantime, everyone of us has to realise it. The sounds transmit to us all the forms of experience, allowing us to envision clear paths, uncover unexpected pathways, know reality as it is and cross vital thresholds. A world of imperturbable serenity and powerful remembrance is manifested in a myriad of present moments. The resounding points of contact become psychological bridges of wisdom.



The daily situations lived-out with a euphonic conscience grow in intensity thanks to our personality, that allows itself to be played like a tuned musical instrument. The removal of blocks becomes real and tangible so that we begin to feel like active participants of the orchestra of nature, enabling us to hear constantly renewed symphonies.

Nothing can replace the perfume of the experience, just as nothing can be achieved by postponing the appointment made with ourselves. The world shows itself to be full of meaning when our anxieties, difficulties, complexes and frustrations emerge from the abysses of our seas, to be faced without hesitation and melted with balance. In reality, we are the ones to take possession of ourselves and discover a central axis that behaves like a string. It is enough for it to assume its right and conscious position so that every experience/sound can evoke some distant memories, from all of the sounds produced and lived, up to those that lie in sleep, waiting for the musician that is within us.

With an active and energetic calm, the string finds its harmonic alignment again, which excessively exterior habits had obscured. The inside and the outside are no longer separated. The space is transfused through the subtle membrane of the personality.

The Music of the experience becomes audible, the only thing incapable of deceit.

Euphony is no longer just a word.