Eucromy is the art of tuning ourselves entirely with the high therapeutic and fulfilling properties of colour.



Marga baigorria holds Eucromy workshops, a subject which she created and developed in 1983.

The term Eucromy is a neologism. It is not possible to express new perceptions with inadequate words or words filled with meanings distorted by time. When we say ‘photochromy’, even though this term is used in photography, we are saying colour-light or light-colour. The syllable eu expresses a state of consciousness that is possible for everyone to attain: goodness, beauty, truth. Eucromy means to unveil the deep sense of colour as light.
Each one of us possesses, in our own nature, a reality constituted by essences of light that is revealed symbolically and coherently assumes adequate forms. Our perception is a constant game of light and shadow, of perspectives and volumes, of spaces and times where Colour clarifies a panorama, a landscape, allowing psychological and aesthetic shades to surface which can be transmuted into Art.

Eucromy presents itself as an experience of the world as colour, without forgetting the close cohesion with sound and form, and therefore the accent is put on the vast psychophysical scope of the colour energy in relationship to the human being. The chromatic world can awaken the creativity that lay hidden in us. One of the most important characteristics of colour is the vital stimulus that it communicates.


The practical experience of Eucromy synthesises ancient and contemporary knowledge related to the properties of Colour, in meditation, in exercises for the development of creative imagination, in psychophysical experiences suitable for the dissolution of emotional and physical tension with the help of colour-light, and finally, to attain a global conscience of the use of colour in Visual Art.

With Eucromy the International Academy of Euphony utilises one of the most important approaches to a Science/Art based on direct knowledge, with the help of the intuitive mind.

Topics include


  • Colour in nature.
  • Colour and emotion.
  • Colour and meditation.
  • Colour and creativity as a basis of psychophysical harmony.
  • The sound of colour and the colour of sound. Tonalities.
  • Drawing and painting exercises.



Marga Baigorria is the co-founder of the International Academy of Euphony.
She created and developed the subject of Eucromy in 1983. Marga Baigorria is a painter and a photographer. Her creativity, expressed in exhibitions and through intense investigation, has converged  in what she has called “Painting with Light” and in a series of Watercolours.