MusicMadeVisible - An exciting new way to enjoy and study music

This music video features Debussy’s Clair de Lune, beautifully played by Daniel Levy and rendered visible with the CymaScope. This new scientific instrument transposes music’s vibrations to the visual realm, revealing astoundingly beautiful imagery that is not computer generated but the result of a physical process in which music leaves a vibrational imprint on pure water. Just as fingerprints on glass are revealed by a dusting of fine powder, the normally invisible vibrations within music are rendered visible by ‘dusting’ the CymaScope’s water membrane with light. In this way, the energy patterns within music’s vibrations are revealed as a new form of artistic expression called MusicMadeVisible, which is both beautiful to behold and provides a new way to enjoy and study music.




The CymaScope app is the world’s first app to make the geometry of piano sounds and music visible. The imagery you will see is not a computer simulation; all the beautiful imagery in the app was created on a physical CymaScope then stored in digital memory for you to enjoy.

This app is ideal for everyone who enjoys seeing and learning about the relationship between sound and form.