& Musical Ecology of the Mind

Music for piano and resonance composed and performed by Daniel Levy

The 7 Tones of Balance and Musical Ecology of the Mind is a series of 8 CDs inspired by the musical wisdom of Pythagoras.

The eight CDs are:

Vol. 1 – Strength
Vol. 2 – Optimism
Vol. 3 – Courage
Vol. 4 – Enthusiasm
Vol. 5 – Joy
Vol. 6 – Stillness
Vol. 7 – Compassion
Vol. 8 – Musical Ecology of the Mind

2,500 years ago Pythagoras discovered the extraordinary effect that different harmonies can have on our health and wellbeing.

For Pythagoras, health was harmony and the balance of opposites; illness was disharmony, the imbalance of elements, characteristics and emotions.Based upon these principles, The Seven Tones of Balance and Musical Ecology of the Mind help to reverse a broad spectrum of irrational and unwanted emotions, bringing balance and wellbeing to our lives.

The series of CDs was created by the internationally-renowned pianist Daniel Levy, following extensive study and research. The result is an extraordinary set of recordings for piano and resonance.

About the Series

The following three recordings evoke emotions that are the mainstays of good health and are rich in the kind of dynamic experiences that form the source of wellbeing and awareness.

JOY Vol. 5

The following four TONES aim to naturally neutralise some of the main causes of imbalance common in our times:

from Lack of Vitality to STRENGTH Vol. 1
from Depression to OPTIMISM Vol. 2
from Fear to COURAGE Vol. 3
from Anxiety-Irritability to ENTHUSIASM Vol. 4

Listening to the resonance of the Tones is the therapeutic agent par excellence. It allows your being to be washed, as it were, with a sonorous bath or harmonic flow.


The eighth CD aims to prepare you for the effective assimilation of the Seven Tones. It is designed to stimulate and train the listener using sounds that both clarify and strengthen.


The fundamental aim of this work is to enable the listener to achieve self-awareness, actively and consciously, through the tonal resonance, silences and melodies that make up the body of harmony within every human being.

The TONES are a heritage common to us all; they act as a tonic, they create the right tension in everyone’s string. They reveal our innate Tuner, that knows instinctively which of our notes need adjusting. The TONES provide the finest nourishment for the psyche; thus these volumes are like an inexhaustible food supply for the spirit, righting the deficiencies and imbalances common to our time.


Daniel Levy Vol. 1 Strength


Daniel Levy Vol. 2 Positive Optimism


Daniel Levy Vol. 3 Courage


Daniel Levy Vol. 4 Enthusiasm


Daniel Levy Vol. 5 Joy


Daniel Levy Vol. 6 Stillness


Daniel Levy Vol. 7 Compassion


Daniel Levy Vol. 8 Musical Ecology of the Mind


The full series of eight CDs is available as one package:



“… I want to learn to play the piano and devote myself to music all day, because the harmony that is within us wants to express itself and make us always happy and serene.”
Laura Condelli, Holistic Therapist

“… it puts the individual in a state of greater serenity, decreasing the beta waves in favour of the alpha waves and thereby increasing the healing, creative and expressive potential of a person.”
Yuri Rebollini, Vocal Trainer and Holistic Facilitator

“I feel a sense of comfort and peace that gives me, as a result, the will to pick myself up again every time something in life wants to knock me down.”
Barbara Naldi, Nutritionist

The 8 recordings are also available individually as downloads in a High Definition audio FLAC format:

Pythagoras' Musical-Therapeutical Treatment

Music and sound used in the ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda are essential for balancing the functioning of the doshas (representing the principles of creation, preservation and destruction) in the body. This is done through the balanced application of Gandharva music and Nada (primordial sound) principles. Additionally, in the old Chinese tradition, the sounds of the elements produce music, which circulates through the meridians with the Chi energy, balancing heaven and earth within the body. Similarly, in the less well-known musical wisdom of Pythagoras, developed from the vibrations of the cosmos, The Music of the Spheres, the cathartic, enlightening and healing power of the Musical Tones is elevated and consecrated. This wisdom has been diffused throughout the Western world as both a science and an art for more than 2500 years.

For Pythagoras, health was harmony and the balance of opposites; illness was disharmony, the imbalance of elements, characteristics and emotions. Equilibrium is essential for perfect psychophysical health and the disturbance of this equilibrium results in disease. To recover, there has to be a reconciliation of all these elements, and this reconciliation can be achieved with syntony. 

In the teachings of Pythagoras, medicine was the science of removing and adding, or, as Plato used to say, of emptying and filling, thus eliminating either that which is found in excess or that which is lacking.

According to Iamblichus in Pythagorean Life, Pythagoras believed that treatment for human beings should begin with the senses, notably hearing. This involves the auditory perception of the forms, rhythms and melodies. He therefore considered musical education as extremely important, especially the rhythms and melodies that can cure both physically and mentally, leading the soul back to a state of balance. 

Pythagoras discovered the means to both prevent and cure physical and psychological diseases, but more important than this, says Iamblichus, are his so-called musical treatments and adaptations that he devised for his disciples, creating diatonic, chromatic and harmonic musical arrangements with extraordinary skill. Thus Pythagoras was usually able to change or reverse irrational and unwanted emotions - such as grief, fear, obsession, over-excitability, depression, laxity and rashness - using appropriate musical harmonies.