The Challenge of Knowing How to Listen


Daniel Levy

Italian & Spanish

Title in Italian: 
Pitagora e L'Eufonia - La Sfida del Saper Ascoltare

Formats available: 
Paperback (258 pages)

In this book, the intimate relationship between Pythagoras and Euphony becomes a reality which can be applied to human relationships, to the knowledge of nature and the effects of our behaviour on the surrounding world. This text deals with the core of the Pythagorean wisdom: the world of Sound, the human constitution and the relationship with cosmic forces in close correspondence. A fascinating synthesis of the transcendence of Listening, a true challenge for the contemporary man who has forgotten both the origin and the practice of this Science/Art, an essential key to understand and act harmoniously.




The classical pianist Daniel Levy is world-renowned both as a live performer and a recording artist, with a vast repertoire ranging from Bach through to contemporary music. He has performed within the world's most celebrated music venues and concert halls, alongside major symphony orchestras. Levy has recorded over 60 CDs for music labels including Edelweiss Emission, Syntony and Nimbus Records and has been critically acclaimed as ‘one of the leading pianists of our time’. During a successful career he has coupled a busy schedule of musical activity with a leading role as a researcher and educator, delivering workshops, seminars and conferences, dedicated to the development of techniques derived from studies and experiences regarding the effect of sound and music (as a Science/Art) on the environment and the human psyche. Levy worked alongside esteemed musicologists including Alain Daniélou and Marius Schneider. He has organised three international exhibitions of ancient musical instruments, a series of Indian and Asian classical music concerts and chamber music concert cycles within important European cities. He is the author of a broad range of articles on the subject of Euphony and his books “Eternal Beauty”, “Echoes of the Wind – The story of a journey towards the centre of Sound” and “The Teachings of Pythagoras” have been published in various languages. Levy has been the Main Tutor of the project “Euphony – Implementing Teacher Knowledge” which is part of the European Union’s Socrates Grundtvig I project, where ‘Euphony – The Sound of Life’ has been chosen as the main teaching resource for the project. He is the co-founder of the International Academy of Euphony which is a Swiss cultural association dedicated to the education and training of Euphony professors and the dissemination of innovative educational projects apt for developing creativity and intuition.


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