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This book, which has been structured in a very original manner, presents accounts, maxims and reflections focused upon the archetypes of Beauty, using a poetic and accessible language. In a harmonious synthesis that achieves its objective without mediations or concessions to the limits which logical reason imposes, the author penetrates Beauty, surpassing mere descriptions and adhering, with aesthetic reverence, to the immeasurable.


The classical pianist Daniel Levy is world-renowned both as a live performer and a recording artist, with a vast repertoire ranging from Bach through to contemporary music. He has performed within the world's most celebrated music venues and concert halls, alongside major symphony orchestras. Levy has recorded over 60 CDs for music labels including Edelweiss Emission, Syntony and Nimbus Records and has been critically acclaimed as ‘one of the leading pianists of our time’. During a successful career he has coupled a busy schedule of musical activity with a leading role as a researcher and educator, delivering workshops, seminars and conferences, dedicated to the development of techniques derived from studies and experiences regarding the effect of sound and music (as a Science/Art) on the environment and the human psyche. Levy worked alongside esteemed musicologists including Alain Daniélou and Marius Schneider. He has organised three international exhibitions of ancient musical instruments, a series of Indian and Asian classical music concerts and chamber music concert cycles within important European cities. He is the author of a broad range of articles on the subject of Euphony and his books “Eternal Beauty”, “Echoes of the Wind – The story of a journey towards the centre of Sound” and “The Teachings of Pythagoras” have been published in various languages. Levy has been the Main Tutor of the project “Euphony – Implementing Teacher Knowledge” which is part of the European Union’s Socrates Grundtvig I project, where ‘Euphony – The Sound of Life’ has been chosen as the main teaching resource for the project. He is the co-founder of the International Academy of Euphony which is a Swiss cultural association dedicated to the education and training of Euphony professors and the dissemination of innovative educational projects apt for developing creativity and intuition.


Eternal Beauty presents itself as a series of thoughts and reflections which draw on the deepest ethos underlying every aspect of human existence. From this perspective, even the most simple emotions, habits and attitudes of daily life acquire a new sense, which can transform every act and moment of life into beauty.
As in the case of every pure and essential poetic expression, it is the intuition which is asked to gather meaning, to discover the deep bonds which lead the various moments of existence back to one single centre - which is the man himself in his conscious relationship with the Whole.
The vision of Beauty, Art and Culture emerges from patterns of the everyday, to acquire a global perspective and a closer relationship with life, and to offer man/creator infinite opportunities to grow towards his true human dimension.



I will speak of Euterpe.

She communicates by following the paths of intuition. She was born to keep awake the Memory of the future in the universe. Her childhood games were spent in faraway places, where she was taken by winged steeds. The sacred cypresses recall Her eternal aspect which has made Her immortal from birth - Music, which She protects. The seven of the Ursa Major are linked to the seven sisters, the Pleiades, in the astral cradle. The Hall of Music was born of their union. The eternal Fire of Euterpe, peerless source of joy, burns in the hearth.

Euterpe happily gives of herself to all creatures, but she reveals what she is to only a few. A beautiful group of souls works in direct contact with Her.

She herself called this group "The Accord of Musicians". Steeped in melodies and spheric harmonies, like musical instruments, they stimulate all those, on Earth and elsewhere, who love and cultivate the reality of the Symphonic Region.

Euterpe herself participates in the creative act. There is a Place where She dwells in man: the chest, lungs, and respiratory system. In rarefied physiology, the aura is linked to the sonic energy and all which is listened to.

It is an indisputable reality that the creative act resides in breathing and depends on inspiration alone. For this very reason, the Muse is always perceived as a presence behind us, which persuades and impels. The delicate expansion of the lungs becomes like the wing of an eagle, for those who have established contact with Euterpe. With breathing centralised in the heart, She roams in worlds both far and near, under the touch of superior Intelligence. To those who want to see, the fact that the pen is a writing instrument explains the harmony existing between winged inspiration and one of its methods of forming. Who ever invokes You today, Euterpe, and recognises You?
All creating "egos" seem Your orphans, born without a Mother. But they breathe the contaminated air of the atmosphere without song, where the bronchial tubes and lungs dry up without the spring which flows silently in the heart.

There are therefore many of us who plead for Your return, charged with new suffused energy. Will we instead have to wake ourselves before You? At first, You were behind us, like the Mother who sees the birth of her children. The Harmony of Musicians invokes You here before Us; we need to see You facing us, to tell You that we are possibly more mature, and able to take Your glance for a few moments. The new pushes ahead and above, with the sensitivity of hitherto unknown collaboration and co-operations never before circulated. Remember that a musician without Euterpe is like an eagle deprived of his wings and his sight.

There are no men of Culture, but men who serve Culture. True Culture is not sustained by names, classifications, limitations, a priori, closings, dislikes, preferences, or false ideologies. True Culture has no support. It leaves the Human Heart only to return to the Human Heart. This is how Culture circulates.

Nor is it possible to conceive of a culture of peace. Culture is Peace, for otherwise there would be two cultures and this is not true. To love every man, woman, and child from every place, race, and creed: this is the Field of Culture.

To identify the links with the kingdoms of nature: this is the Field of Culture.
To respect life without harming souls or bodies: this is the Field of Culture.
To remember, with the help of Ancient Memories, how the Earth can be a healthy globe: this is the Field of Culture.
To rediscover the immense value that resides in every heart and inspire its expression: this is the Field of Culture.
To know that the utopian ideal is a mental illusion: this is the Field of Culture.
To know that nothing is impossible in Reality: this is the Field of Culture.

What I have told you is the free perfume of true Culture, which you can live and build provided that you, wherever you may find yourself, know yourself to be the intelligent guardian of the planetary House, the Field of Culture.