This series of CDs has been produced and performed by DANIEL LEVY for the SYNTONY label.

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The following three recordings evoke emotions that are the mainstays of good health and are rich in the kind of dynamic experiences that form the source of well-being and awareness.

Compassion  Vol. 7

Stillness  Vol. 6
Joy  Vol. 5

The following four Tones aim to naturally neutralise some of the main causes of imbalance common in our times.

Listening to the resonance of the Tones is the therapeutic agent par excellence. It allows your being to be washed, as it were, with a sonorous bath or harmonic flow.

from Lack of Vitality to Strength  Vol. 1 from Depression to Positive
Vol. 2
from Fear to Courage  Vol. 3 from Anxiety-Irritability to
Vol. 4

The eighth CD (Musical Ecology of the Mind) aims to prepare you for the effective assimilation of the Seven Tones. It is designed to stimulate and train the listener using sounds that both clarify and strengthen.

Musical Ecology of the Mind  Vol. 8

The 7 Tones of Balance and Musical Ecology of the Mind are music for piano and resonance composed and performed by the pianist DANIEL LEVY.
The fundamental aim of this work is to enable the listener to achieve self-awareness, actively and consciously, through the tonal resonance, silences and melodies that make up the body of harmony within every human being.
The TONES are a heritage common to us all; they act as a tonic, they create the right tension in everyone's string. They reveal our innate Tuner, that knows instinctively which of our notes need adjusting. The TONES provide the finest nourishment for the psyche; thus these volumes are like an inexhaustible food supply for the spirit, righting the deficiencies and imbalances common to our time.

When listening to THE SEVEN TONES OF BALANCE and MUSICAL ECOLOGY OF THE MIND, you must follow some basic essential principles. The Tones bring the mind back to its natural state of completeness, calmness, stability and balance. The more attentive the listening is, the greater the effects. It is important not to daydream (the fleeting, ephemeral dreams that take you away from reality).

After making sure that you are in a silent environment, follow these simple steps: 

  • Sit comfortably with your back straight, in a relaxed position, your head slightly bent.

  • Allow your eyelids to partially close.

  • Experience your psychical and physical body as a single hearing sense, allowing the sound you hear to permeate your entire being. Its centre extends for about an open hand-span's width at the top of your head.

 For a profound level of listening try to remember the following points:

  • Listening to the natural resonance of the tones is the therapeutic agent par excellence. Allow your being to be washed, as it were, with a sonorous bath or 'harmonic flow'.

  • You should be able to perceive the richness of these harmonics and by going back to them again and again and by listening actively rather than passively, you can evoke the inner resonance and make them harmonise. This will balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

  • Just as when you have a bath you give no thought to the hydrogen atoms that constitute the water itself, nor the beneficial and purifying effect of the oxygen within it, so it should be when you listen to the tones. Although you are active and present, you are not listening in a critical manner, but soaking up the pure therapeutic charge of the tones themselves. Your body will take what it needs from the sonorous water of Pythagoras' musical-therapeutical treatment, allowing a feeling of well-being to unfold and grow.

  • These recordings have been made using techniques that, although sophisticated, are entirely natural. In order to preserve the purity of the sounds, neither editing nor acoustic electronic effects are added. Although the music on every CD is the result of long study, it is improvised around tones, intervals, melodies and themes. Some tiny, almost imperceptible natural sounds, such as breathing, the environment, the noise of pedals or strings, have been left in so as not to disturb the flow, but as with a live performance, they do not distract the listener.

These are live recordings.


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