Pythagoras and Euphony - The Challenge of Listening

Euphony means harmony in sound. This definition not only indicates an acoustic fact, but above all the deep experience of Joy and Beauty within Sound in the human being as a whole.

Sound is the foundation of existence on all levels. Sound offers a deep cohesion to all the structures of Life, because it gives unity and nourishment. It is the basis on which the universe rests and which shapes the essence of the Person. In fact, the ancient Greeks named the mask that characterised the actor and gave him a role within the group of players, “Persona”. It could have been something that hid the true identity of the individual, but it was also so called due to its quality of amplifying the Sound of the voice.

Usually, because of the conformation of its elements, the personality does not allow the individual to amplify and listen to the sound residing in himself, so that it looses contact with nature and belittles the meaning of Life.

The conquest of the “Euphonic Centre” opens the way towards a dimension, which allows us to really transform ourselves and our surrounding world. Everything is VIBRATION, whether it is audible or not. Thoughts, emotions and words create a contact with the world and establish relationships on the ground of sympathy, resonance, tension or distension, chords or attunement, all of which are laws based on the reality springing from SOUND.

Without the addition of great philosophical theories it is possible for everyone to sense the profound truth expressed in this way, thus reconfirming a reality which every culture that existed in the planet once understood, communicated and even saw as a revelation of the nature of the universe: the identity Sound - Being.
Other important psychic realities are also consciously or instinctively expressed in musical terms, in order to clarify more precisely a feeling or an idea: syntony, resonance, unison, tone, temperament, dissonance, harmony, chord.

Euphony is a Science-Art that, through progressive stages, leads to experiencing the potentialities inborn in the human being; from the therapeutic effect of sound to the harmony within human relationships, from psychophysical relaxation to a rediscovery of intellectual vigour, from the expansion of sensibility to Self-knowledge.

The most ancient world civilisations were aware of the sonorous reality existing in Nature and Man. The sources of Music and its role in history express above all an example, a key that opens the doors of life, not from a merely intellectual approach, but from the core of intuition.

Today, in our changing world, Euphony assumes new characteristics in relation to present problems and trends. Its essence, however, remains always the same, since it is not subject to changes.

What is really new today is the concrete possibility - open to every human being - of taking possession of one's own “Euphonic Centre”


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