Marga Baigorria was born in Argentina where, since her childhood, she received a distinctly artistic education, beginning with ballet and continuing on to plastic arts, opera and theatre.
She gained a diploma in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires where her exhibitions of oil paintings were successfully received by the local critics.
She has studied with renowned Argentine teachers such as Luis Barragán, Aníbal Carreño and Reina Kochashian, among others.
At the same time, she studied philosophy and Eastern and Western comparative religions, an experience which considerably changed her vision of art, especially when she came into contact with those cultures which have a sacred idea of the origin of Art and of its significance for the life of a man.
In 1973 she moved to Europe and founded the Planetarium of Arts in Venice, in which she directed the Visual Arts department, developing an intense didactic activity related to various pictorial and craft techniques.
She taught three year courses of “Eucromy” (Beauty and the Essence of Colour/Light), in which the executive, creative and therapeutic powers of colour all synchronise, stimulating the point of interior balance which leads us to elevated planes of conscience and, consequently, to artistic expression.
Her creativity, expressed in exhibitions and through intense investigation, has converged in what she has called “Painting with Light” and in a series of Watercolours.
She is the co-founder of the International Academy of Euphony, with centres in Switzerland and other European and American venues, where the world of Sound and Music is related to her experience in Colour and in innovative artistic creation.


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