"A vibrant journey to the heart of Music, in all its spheres, through the voices, reflections and creations of those who serve it.”

The Euphony Audio Lessons, ‘The Sound of Life’ (El Sonido de la Vida) are a selection of programmes that were originally Spanish-language radio broadcasts conducted and created by DANIEL LEVY. All of the lessons are illustrated with musical examples of the highest level.

DANIEL LEVY’s vision as a dedicated interpreter, his vast and multifaceted cultural knowledge and his life that has been spent consistently at the service of music, place him in the best position to offer his enriching and educational views and experiences to all those who know or feel that music holds a very profound message, that is accessible to whoever appreciates it as such.
One of the aims of these lessons is to fulfil the need a sensitive public has, to penetrate aspects of Classical Music, offering them a broader vision and helping them to incorporate into their dally lives 'seeds' of the highest culture.

These were DANIEL LEVY’s initial words during the first lesson of ‘The Sound of Life’:

"Within the noise of daily life, by simply being Silent, THE SOUND OF LIFE appears.
Overshadowed by a quantity of discordances inharmonious to our hearing that is blocked by plugs that make us deaf to subtle and delicate things, to what appears or does not appear. It is difficult to listen to the Resonance of live beings, of a stone, of a plant, of an animal, of a person, of a landscape or of a starry sky.

Nevertheless, it is what Musicians have done in order to leave us, in an audible form, something that is inaudible but very powerful, silent and full of Harmony and Good: KNOWING HOW TO LISTEN AND TRANSMIT WHAT THEY HAVE LISTENED TO.



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