Edelweiss Emission is an independent music label dedicated to classical and ancient music.
Edelweiss Emission’s catalogue is under the auspices of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF EUPHONY.

For Edelweiss Emission MUSIC is Life in motion. Edelweiss Emission is much more than a label of classical music recordings. Its activities cannot be reduced to the laws of an ever-changing market place. Edelweiss Emission wishes to enter into direct and open contact with all those who sympathise with the quest to make quality prevail over quantity.

Edelweiss Emission, in association with the International Academy of Euphony, are is proud to present the first 13 albums of the new series of recordings titled ‘THE VOICE OF THE PIANO’ which includes new releases and a number of carefully selected re-editions of DANIEL LEVY’s earlier recordings.
The first 7 titles are available in CD format and the entire series is available for DOWNLOAD in the High Definition audio FLAC format, which maintains the exceptional quality of our master recordings.

We invite you to visit http://www.edelweissemission.com/the_voice_piano.htm where you will find more information about all of the recordings in The Voice of the Piano and instructions on how to purchase the albums in the series.

This new series can be purchased from our new online shop www.aide-shop.com


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