New Series of Editions of the International Academy of Euphony

The AEGIS Collection, promoted by the International Academy of Euphony, is a collection of books, compact discs, DVDs and visual art works. It is inspired by Athena’s mythical Aegis - the cloak, protection, patronage and care that Culture and Art offer as an unmistakable certainty to the human being when they reach the highest level of coexistence, connection and education, the only true shield that defends civilization.

The first editions presented by the AEGIS Collection are two closely related works by Daniel Levy. The book, Euphony – The Sound of Life (339 pages) and the Collection of 8 CDs, The Seven Tones of BalancePythagoras’ Musical-Therapeutical Treatment, compositions played by Daniel Levy on piano, and recorded for the Syntony label.

Euphony – The Sound of Life by Daniel Levy is a pioneering book that, since its initial publication in 1986, has represented an essential text in the discovery of the world of Sound and Music.
The book deals with the effects of sound on the human being, offering a detailed analysis of the meaning and function of music, its great potential as a Science/Art, and the reasons why it is a golden key to the knowledge of ourselves and of the universe.
Euphony – The Sound of Life is directed at those who wish to know themselves, who consider Art and Beauty as two realities connected to one another, who are seeking good harmonic relationships and who love music as vitilising sound. Euphony is the rediscovery of our audible and inaudible sonorous reality, it invites us to go through a path where the reality of resonance, rhythm, tonic and the human musical instrument are intensified and unveiled in a clear and simple manner. It leads us to discover the euphonic nucleus inherent in each one of us, that vibration silent to our external senses, but clearly audible to our interior ear. The euphonic nucleus that allows us to become Artists of life, to play our “instrument” and to understand and experience the musical law which governs us.




The 8 CDs of the Tones, here collected in one package, are there to help us in accordance with our daily needs. Everything is in a constant flux and this music, through its harmonic sound, leads us to regain and maintain a psychophysical harmony and balance.
Compositions by Daniel Levy inspired by Pythagoras’ Musical Wisdom. True Sonorous Water, in which we learn to submerge ourselves in order to enter into the healthy Tone that, as Pythagoras said, removes or adds that which we need.

Vol. 1 – Strength (listen)
Vol. 2 – Positive Optimism (listen)
Vol. 3 – Courage (listen)
Vol. 4 – Enthusiasm (listen)
Vol. 5 – Joy (listen)
Vol. 6 – Calm (listen)
Vol. 7 – Compassion (listen)
Vol. 8 – Musical Ecology of the Mind (listen)


Daniel Levy is a world-renowned classical pianist. He has coupled a busy schedule of musical activity with a leading role as a researcher and educator, delivering workshops, seminars and conferences, dedicated to the development of techniques derived from studies and experiences regarding the effect of Sound and Music on the environment and the human psyche.
His books ‘Euphony – The Sound of Life”, ‘Eternal Beauty’, ‘The Teachings of Pythagoras’ and ‘Echoes of the Wind’ are published in many languages.
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Both of these important works are offered as a single limited edition set, at the promotional price of € 144.00 (CHF 227,00).

The book can be purchased separately for € 30.00 (CHF 47,00) and the collection of 8 CDs for € 128.00 (CHF 200,00).

The 8 CDs of ‘The Seven Tones of Balance’ and ‘Musical Ecology of the Mind’ are also available individually as DOWNLOADS in a High Definition audio FLAC format for € 12,99 (CHF 20,00) each.

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